ECBC approval

ECBC approval

All our coffee makers and two coffee grinders are ECBC approved by Norsk Kaffeinformasjon/ European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC), an independent testing body established in 1971.

The European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) tests coffee brewing equipment according to a scientific standard, The Gold Cup Standard, and the test program is developed and carried out by coffee experts and professional coffee makers.

Only equipment approved by ECBC is allowed to use the approval mark.

ECBC has seven requirements that a coffee grinder must meet in order to be approved. These requirements include minimum requirements for the grinder's capacity, heating of the coffee and how much coffee remains in the grinder after grinding. In addition, they test how precisely and evenly the coffee is ground and the ability to grind coffee that meets the brewing requirements of an approved coffee maker.

The requirements for coffee makers include water temperature and contact time with the water. To get the maximum flavors and aromas from the coffee, it is essential that the coffee maker works with the right water temperature from the beginning and throughout the brewing time. At the same time, it's important that the water doesn't take too short or too long to flow through the coffee powder. Small deviations mean that you can end up with either sour or bitter coffee.

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