Make café coffee at home - buy a coffee grinder

Make café coffee at home - buy a coffee grinder

Grinding your own coffee may seem like a tedious and unnecessary process to many. But with the right equipment and the right ingredients, it's a simple job that opens up whole new doors in the world of coffee.

The main reason to use a coffee grinder is simple: freshly ground beans make the best and most flavorful coffee. That's because half of the substances that give coffee its great taste disappear quickly after grinding. That's why it's also important to grind the beans as close to brewing as possible. Then you'll get the best and most flavorful result.

Correct storage

By storing your coffee in beans and not pre-ground, as well as protected from sunlight, heat and moisture, the flavors will be preserved much longer and the shelf life of the coffee will be optimized.

Grinding provides greater flexibility

Grinding the beans yourself also gives you greater control over the coffee you make. First and foremost, it allows you to brew all types of coffee from the same beans by adjusting the grind level on the grinder. Wilfa's coffee grinders grind from fine-grained "espresso grind" to coarse-grained "coca grind".

The grinding degree can also be adjusted to customize the contact time the coffee needs with the water. A finer grind needs less contact time to extract the flavors, and is well suited to brewing smaller amounts of coffee. At the same time, the degree of grinding will have a big impact on the final taste. If you think the coffee is too bitter, grind it more coarsely. If you find it too watery and acidic, grind the beans finer.

Good equipment doesn't have to be expensive

There is a sea of different coffee grinders on the market that promise gold and green forests. The challenge is to separate the good ones from the not-so-good ones, and to avoid buying a pig in a poke, it's a good idea to start with what needs the grinder will meet.

A quality grinder doesn't have to cost a lot, and you'll go a long way with a coffee grinder around NOK 1,500, such as the Aroma coffee grinder. It's a good coffee grinder with a large capacity and 5 grinding levels. It provides good coffee at a favorable price.

Coffee grinders for the pros

If you're still among those who would like the top of the range, the test-winning coffee grinder could be perfect for you.

Uniform grinds precisely and evenly and has 41 adjustment levels so you can grind coffee for all brewing methods. The lid of the grinder is a digital precision scale that makes it easy and convenient to measure the amount of beans.

Both the Uniform and Aroma coffee grinders are ECBC approved.

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