Make coffee like a barista

Make coffee like a barista

Autumn has arrived and we are entering colder times. A perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something extra good, but if you ask Wilfa - you can actually do it all year round.

Wilfa is one of the Nordic region's leading suppliers of small electrical items for thousands of homes. And if there's one thing they know a lot about - it's coffee, and not least - how to make it.

- We Norwegians drink around 13 million cups of coffee every single day. That makes us one of the countries that drink the most coffee in the world," says Morten Hoff, CEO of Wilfa.

The fact that as many as 67 percent of us regard our daily dose of coffee as a necessity is something Wilfa takes very seriously. So nothing was left to chance when Wilfa recently launched its latest Performance coffee maker, developed in close collaboration with world-class baristas.

"Now everyone can actually make coffee like a professional barista," says Hoff.

How to make coffee like a world-class barista?

Hoff tells us that making great coffee isn't really that difficult, as long as you follow a few simple tips:

"Good coffee is the relationship between good ingredients and precise brewing," says Hoff.

To make coffee like a professional barista, it's important to use fresh water, clean the coffee pot and filter holder, rinse the filter to remove paper residue, always use good quality beans, grind the coffee just before brewing, adjust the grind level according to the amount of coffee and measure the right amount of coffee in relation to water - and last but not least, choose a type of coffee you like.

Use fresh water

Hoff points out that the reason it's so important to clean the coffee pot and filter holder is to ensure you remove old coffee residue that adds flavor.

It's also important to rinse the filter to remove paper residue, and remember to always use white filters - and fresh water.

The new coffee maker has its own pump that completely empties the funnel of water with each funnel, unlike traditional funnels that leave old water in the brewing unit. This ensures that you always have fresh, clean water for the funnel. The water reservoir on the coffee maker is also removable, so it's easy to refill with fresh water when making new coffee as opposed to using the coffee pot as many people unfortunately do.

- With a removable water reservoir, you can fill water directly into it. This avoids spills and ensures that you never use anything other than the water you just got from the tap," says Hoff.

The key to great coffee

Don't know if you should invest in a coffee grinder? Wilfa Uniform was voted Best in Test by, and if you ask the world's coffee elite, the coffee grinder is a necessity for making good coffee.

- The key to good coffee lies in the grinding process.

Coffee contains up to 800 flavorings, and to get the most out of the flavorings, the coffee should be ground just before brewing.

If you don't grind right before, half of the flavors will disappear.

Newly ground coffee gives you twice as much aroma as pre-ground coffee, and Hoff says that it's also important to adjust the grinding degree in relation to the amount of coffee you're making.

- If you think the coffee is too bitter or a little pale, you can adjust the grinding degree to change the flavor profile of the coffee. A more finely ground coffee will produce more bitter flavors, and a coarser one will produce less bitterness.

Beans have a considerably longer shelf life than pre-ground coffee, and you will therefore be able to get a fresher coffee taste and more flavors. With 41 grinding degrees, the Wilfa Uniform grinds the perfect coffee from espresso grind to filter and cooking coffee.

- If you're making small amounts of coffee, you should grind the coffee finer to get the right contact time with the water. In this way, you will be able to get the optimum flavor, regardless of the amount of coffee you brew," says Hoff.

Large differences in taste

He adds that many Norwegians measure their coffee by eye, but that the taste differences are actually quite large, with only a few grams of difference.

- Use a scale and not a spoon to get the exact amount of coffee.

The Wilfas coffee grinder is equipped with a lid that is a digital kitchen scale, which can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and the app helps you choose the right grinding degree and amount.

All that's left to do is buy good coffee beans and Wilfa will ensure the experience.

"To top it all off, we also offer a 5-year warranty on all our products," concludes Hoff.

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