This move gives you 50 percent better tasting coffee

This move gives you 50 percent better tasting coffee

Brewed coffee has over 800 aromatic compounds, beating out all other types of beverages. Put simply: Flavors in coffee are important and affect the taste experience more than we give them credit for.

When you open a bag of what many like to call 'the black gold', that familiar coffee haze rises up and out of the package. But have you ever ground your own coffee in your own home? Welcome to a new world of smells, tastes and experiences, from which you are unlikely to want to return.

Grind your own coffee!

"Floral, nutty, tropical, spicy, sweet, fruity, umami...". The list of terms and impressions that coffee can give are many. The most important thing, however, is not whether you have a black belt in how you describe coffee, but whether your coffee tastes good. And the best coffee is actually prepared in your own kitchen with your own equipment.

- Grinding your own coffee brings a new dimension to coffee time, whether it's in the morning or afternoon, at home or in the cabin. Best of all, grinding coffee beans is neither demanding nor expensive to get started with: All you need is a coffee grinder," says Morten Hoff, CEO of Wilfa

- Half of the aromas are gone after 15 minutes

By buying your own coffee beans and grinding them on your own, you promote the diverse aromas and flavors of coffee - which is what you're looking for when you enjoy your long-awaited cup of coffee.

- The coffee bean loses as much as half of its aromatic substances as early as 15 minutes after the coffee has come into contact with oxygen. In other words, when the beans are ground and the smell "disappears" through oxidation. That's why it's highly recommended to grind your own beans for filter coffee," says Hoff.

Insurmountable, but by no means unattainable

By grinding your own coffee, you can additionally adjust both the degree of grinding (how finely or coarsely the coffee beans should be ground) and the strength of the coffee (the amount of coffee and water in combination).

- When you grind the coffee beans yourself, you can tailor the taste of your coffee. Coarsely ground beans give a softer flavor, while finely ground beans give a more bitter taste," says Hoff, adding:

- The world of coffee is big and varied, but at the end of the day, coffee beans and water are all you need. Coffee beans are also available almost everywhere, so there's little to stop a beginner or the curious from getting started.

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