• The SoftClean™ technology, which uses a unique combination of effective bristles and a smaller head, ensures very thorough and gentle cleaning.
  • Lithium battery that provides 1 month of brushing time
  • Oscillating movements
  • Battery indicator in case of low battery, gives indication of charging


Jordan Clean Plus is equipped with SoftClean™ technology, 1-month battery capacity and 2-minute timer.

SoftClean™ technology

The SoftClean™ technology uses a unique combination of effective brushes and a smaller head that ensures a very thorough and gentle cleaning. Each head is divided into three cleaning zones, each with its own special functions.

Battery capacity

The toothbrush has a 1-month battery capacity and is equipped with a 2-minute timer that helps you brush for the recommended time. The battery indicator shows when the toothbrush needs recharging and when it is fully charged.

3 different brush heads

Jordan Clean Plus can be used with all SoftClean™ brush heads:

  • Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening


  • Item number : 604102
  • Color : white
  • Material : plastic
  • Capacity : 120 minutes battery time
  • Wireless : Yes
  • Detachable cord : Yes
  • Settings : 2
  • Traffic light : Yes
  • Speed ​​Settings : 2
  • Washable : Yes
  • Accessories : 1 brush head
  • Type : Oscillating


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