Make perfect food with our Sous vide stick

  • 1200W
  • Max capacity 30 litre
  • Max capacity 30L


If you love to cook good, healthy food and like to explore new ways of cooking it, then the Creek Sous Vide Stick is the tool for you! Sous vide means "under vacuum" in French and is a cooking method for slowly heat-treating food. By cooking the food at the exact temperature, you will get tender and juicy meat, fish or chicken every time. The method may sound advanced, but it is very simple. Cooking with sous vide also helps you preserve all the good nutrients, vitamins and delicious taste.


The Creek sous vide circulator heats and circulates the water so that the food is heated to the right temperature. It has an adjustable temperature of 20-95 °C, with temp steps: 0.5 degrees.


The sous vide circulator requires an 11 cm deep saucepan or container of at least 10 litres. It can be used in water baths up to 30 litres.

Strong and stable

Creek Sous Vide Stick has a powerful 1200W motor which makes it a strong and stable product that ensures even temperature during the entire process.

Adjustable water circulation

The sous vide circulator can circulate the water clockwise or counter-clockwise. It can also be set to pump the water towards the sides of the container to protect delicate food such as eggs or salmon, and prevent the water jet from being blocked by food.

LCD screen

Creek sous vide has an illuminated LCD screen that informs about the temperature setting, the current temperature and it has a timer.

Vacuum packed

The raw materials must be vacuum packed when using the sous vide method. The vacuum sealed bags< /a> ensures that all the goodies remain in the fish or meat.

See how to use Sous vide here.

Watch Berit Nordstrand make pork chops with Sous vide in the video below. < /p>


  • Item number : 603962
  • Color : black
  • Material : steel
  • Capacity : 30L
  • Digital / mechanical control panel : Digital
  • Display : Yes
  • Power (watt ) : 1200
  • Settings : 20-95 degrees
  • Washable : Yes
  • Other information : 3000 RPM Adjustable circulation direction


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