Makes 70 ice cubes pr hour

  • Best in test
  • Up to 70 ice cubes / hour
  • 12 kg ice pr day
  • Empty tank indicator



The Frostbitt ice cube machine is very efficient, and makes 70 ice cubes per hour. It is small and tidy, so you can easily fit it into the kitchen cupboard if desired. Ice cubes add an extra edge to the vast majority of drinks - and with Frostbitt you have ice cubes easily available. It is perfect to use in companies without access to a freezer. Compact and easy to take with you.

Best in test

The ice cream machine has been named the best in a Swedish test (2022) and Swedish Inspekto (2022), as well as test winner of Norwegian (2022) .


It has a large capacity - with 70 ice cubes per hour and 12 kilograms per day, it keeps large quantities of drinks ice cold even on the hottest days.

2 sizes

You can choose between 2 optional sizes of the ice cubes:

  • 20x25 mm
  • 25x30 mm

Sound level: 42dB

Easy to use

The ice cube machine is very easy to use. It is easy to fill with water and replace it.

Control panel

The machine is easily operated with two buttons on the control panel.

  • Choice of size: Small and Large
  • Power indicator
  • Indicator for full ice basket
  • Indicator to fill water tank
  • Button to turn on / off the device
  • Button to select ice cube size


It is recommended to clean the machine regularly and possibly before putting it away for the season if you do not make ice cubes all year round. It can be cleaned easily by emptying it of water and removing loose parts that can be washed with a light wash.

Collection basket for finished ice cubes + ice cube spoon is recommended to be taken out and washed regularly.

Comes with the package

Ice cube spoon.


  • Item number : 603363
  • Color : silver
  • Material : plastic
  • Capacity : 70 ice cubes per hour
  • Digital / mechanical control panel : Mechanical
  • Screen : Yes
  • Refrigerant gas type : R600a
  • Refrigerant gas weight grams : 26
  • Traffic light : Yes
  • Thermostat : fixed
  • Washable : Yes
  • Other information : Extra basket
  • Accessories : Basket & spade


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