Waffle iron with air gaps

  • Extra powerful heating element for efficient frying
  • Tapered plates provide even thickness across the entire waffle plate
  • Air vents allow steam to escape - waffles are cooked, not boiled
  • Separate ladle prevents spills!


This waffle iron of award-winning, Scandinavian design belongs just as well in the middle of a stiffly decorated coffee table as it does on the kitchen counter. It has all the details a first-class waffle iron should have.

Best in test

Jernet has received several best in test awards and recommendations. See list at the bottom of the page.

Thick cast iron

Thick cast iron for even heat, extra powerful heating element.

Air gaps

The air gaps in the top plate ensure even baking results and that steam escapes, so that the waffles become crispy.

Conical plates

Conical plates provide uniform thickness on the entire wafer plate.

Double drop coating

Double release coating gives longer life and makes the waffle release easily.

Heating element

The iron has an extra powerful heating element that provides efficient frying.

Precise thermostat with light signal

With an adjustable thermostat, you choose whether you want a light, golden or dark and crispy waffle. Light signal shows when the waffle is ready - no more burnt hearts!

Own ladle

A separate scoop is included with the waffle iron, so that you get the right amount of waffle batter and prevent spillage!

Finger protection

The waffle iron has finger protection against hot steam.


Can be stored upright and has cable storage. This is functional minimalism at its best - Tempting, delicious waffles, baked in thoughtful, award-winning Scandinavian design.

The waffle iron is a test winner and has been recommended in these tests:

Best in test, i the best test guide 2022.

Best in test, recommend.com, 2022.

Recommended with Score 8.0, tek.no, 2022.

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