Automatically empties the robot vacuum cleaner

  • 17,000 Pa discharge force
  • 2.5 L dust bag
  • Filter cleaning function
  • Storage of accessories


The Auto-Empty Station is the perfect companion for your Innobot robot vacuum cleaner. With the Auto-Empty Station, you no longer need to empty the dust container on the robot manually - the emptying station takes care of this task for you automatically. It ensures that dust and dirt are properly collected and makes the robot vacuum cleaner ready for the next cleaning.

The emptying station is robust and is designed with several smart functions and practical solutions.

It has storage space for both accessories, extra vacuum cleaner bags and the cleaning tool for the robot vacuum cleaner and filter cleaning function for the robot's filter. In addition, the station quickly charges the robot.

Automatic emptying of the dust container

With the emptying station, the robot's dust container is emptied quickly and efficiently with a powerful blow through with a suction power of 17,000 Pa. The emptying station has a large dust bag of 2.5 liters which ensures automatic emptying time after time without you having to do anything.

Filter cleaning function h3>

The emptying station has its own function to automatically clean the robot's dust filter efficiently and easily. A clean filter is important to maintain the robot's strong suction power and to save and preserve the robot's battery and motor. An extra filter is included in its own place under the lid of the emptying station, where the cleaning is also carried out. The cleaning takes place with the aid of the emptying station's high suction power blowing the filter clean. If you need a clean filter in the robot, replace the used filter on the robot with the cleaned one in the emptying station. Used filter is cleaned automatically and is ready for the next filter change.

The robot's filter should be regularly cleaned and replaced with the clean filter from the emptying station.

We also recommend washing the filter in clean, lukewarm water if needed.

*Pa is an international unit of pressure which for vacuum cleaners indicates the suction power. Calculation for the unit is Newton per square meter.

Compatible with several robot vacuum cleaners

Auto-Empty Station is compatible with all Innobot RVC-D4000 robot vacuum cleaners:

  • Innobot RVC-D4000SL
  • ul>

    5 year warranty

    Wilfa provides a 5 year warranty on this product from the day you buy it. The purchase receipt serves as proof to the dealer, so remember to keep it. Read more about what the warranty includes here.

    Accessories in the box:

    • 2 washable filters
    • Dust bags x2
    • Charger
    • Cleaning tools

Wilfa Warranty

Wilfa is now extending the warranty period on all branded products to 5 years from September 1, 2020. This covers manufacturing defects and faults that may occur, with proof of purchase as proof of warranty. The warranty is valid for private use and not for commercial use, abuse or misuse. Important exceptions include damage from overloading, improper maintenance, and use of the wrong voltage. Visit the "Wilfa Warranty" page for more information and full terms.

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