Kitchen machine recommended by

  • Timer function
  • 7 liter bowl with a capacity of up to 5 kg of dough
  • 10-year engine warranty
  • Developed with the Norwegian baking team


Introducing the Probaker Timer, an evolution of the test-winning kitchen machine Probaker. Boasting a new timer function, it offers precise control over the baking process, ensuring optimal results for discerning bakers. Developed over five years in collaboration with the Norwegian baking national team, the Probaker Timer is equipped with high capacity, a unique kneading system, and accessories, all housed within a stable and quiet machine.

Timer Functionality

The Probaker Timer features a built-in stopwatch and countdown timer for enhanced convenience during baking.

Endorsement by

In a recent test conducted by (2023), the Probaker Timer earned a "recommended" designation and an impressive score of 8.5 out of 10, marking it as a top contender in the kitchen machine category.

Double-Acting Kneading System

With its innovative double-acting kneading system, both the bowl and the hook rotate simultaneously, ensuring thorough kneading while providing easy access for ingredient addition.

Generous Capacity

The spacious 7-liter bowl accommodates up to 5 kg of dough, catering to both large and small batches with ease.

Versatile Speed Settings

Offering 20 speed settings, the Probaker Timer allows precise control over the baking process, enabling users to find the optimal speed for their recipes.

Long-Term Warranty Coverage

Backed by a 10-year warranty on the engine, the Probaker Timer promises lasting performance and reliability.

Unique Accessories

The machine includes a unique kneading hook designed to efficiently develop gluten in the dough, as well as double whisks for achieving light and airy textures in creams and meringues. Additionally, it comes with a splash cover and a spill protector for mess-free whisking.

Flexivisp Inclusion

The Probaker Timer comes equipped with Flexivisp, featuring removable silicone edges for thorough ingredient scraping and effortless mixing of cakes and batters.

Stability and Durability

Designed with heavy components placed low in the unit, the Probaker Timer remains stable even under maximum capacity, ensuring a seamless baking experience.

Tailored for Baking Enthusiasts

The Probaker Timer is crafted for passionate baking enthusiasts, offering unparalleled performance and functionality tailored to their needs.

Included Accessories:

- 7-liter bowl
- Kneading hook
- Flexivisp
- Double whisks
- Dough scraper
- Spray cover
- Recipe booklet


  • Item number : 602034
  • Color : gray
  • Material : steel
  • Warranty : 10-year engine warranty
  • Dimension : H36xL42.5xW25
  • Capacity : 7L bowl
  • Removable wire : Yes
  • Digital / mechanical control panel : Mechanical
  • Power (watts) : 700
  • Pulse function : Yes
  • RPM min : 1130
  • RPM max : 5700
  • Settings : Speed, heart rate
  • Traffic light : Yes
  • Speed ​​settings : 20
  • Washable : Yes
  • Accessories : Spout cover, dough scraper


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