2 in 1: humidifier and air purifier

  • 2 in 1: humidifier and air purifier
  • Works effectively for rooms up to 80m2
  • Removes up to 50% of all particles and pollen from the air
  • Energy-saving - from 7 watts


The air cleaner Robert from Stadler Form ensures that optimal humidity is maintained while cleaning the air and you get a clean and pleasant indoor climate throughout the year.


The powerful air washer evaporates up to 13.2 liters of water per day and efficiently humidifies a room up to 80m2 in size using a digital hygrostat. It switches off automatically when the 1.7 liter water tank is empty. Robert counteracts the unpleasant effects of a dry climate, such as chapped lips, dry skin or sinus congestion.

Filters pollen and polluting particles

Robert is a humidifier, which uses evaporation technology, and an air purifier, which turns the water in the machine over a series of washable plates designed to remove large particles such as dust or polluting particles from the air. Robert effectively filters up to 50% of all particles and pollen from the air* and is the ideal housemate for allergy sufferers.

Removes bad smell

He also gets rid of more than 94% of odors within 30 minutes**.

Level and Mode

There are four speed levels and three automated modes for ease of use:

  • Night mode
  • Cleaning mode
  • Automatic mode

Auto mode

When set to automatic mode, Robert intuitively monitors and measures the room's humidity, maintaining the perfect humidity level throughout the day. The result is clean, hydrated air that creates an even and calm environment in the room you want.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning the air cleaner is easy, remove and separate the discs and hand wash or add to the top row in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


The touch screen provides elegant and simple operation.

Scent dispenser

You can choose to stimulate the senses, calm your nerves or diffuse a delicate fragrance in the home with a few drops of your favorite oil in the integrated fragrance dispenser.

* Robert is able to reduce the pollution level by 50% / Ct = 50% within 30 minutes in a test chamber measuring 22m3. This provides a cleaning of at least 10% after 30 minutes in a room with a volume of up to 72m3. Test performed by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH, Germany in accordance with standard DIN 44973-100: 2002-01, A2.

** According to a report prepared by an independent laboratory in Japan, Robert removes the smell of cigarette smoke from the air in 30 minutes (acetic acid reduced by more than 94%, acetaldehyde reduced by 44% and ammonium reduced by 91% ).


  • Item number : SR-001
  • Color : black
  • Material : plastic
  • Capacity : Fits rooms up to 80m2
  • Removable water tank : Yes
  • Digital / mechanical control panel : Digital
  • Power (watts) : 30
  • Settings : Auto mode, night mode, air purification mode and hygrostat
  • Sound level min - max : 27-56dB
  • Speed ​​Settings : 4
  • Water filter : Yes
  • Other information : Water tank 6.3L


Wilfa Warrenty

Wilfa is now extending the warranty period on all branded products to 5 years from September 1, 2020. This covers manufacturing defects and faults that may occur, with proof of purchase as proof of warranty. The warranty is valid for private use and not for commercial use, abuse or misuse. Important exceptions include damage from overloading, improper maintenance, and use of the wrong voltage. Visit the "Wilfa Warranty" page for more information and full terms.

Products under the brands E-Way, E-free, Stadler, Nivona, Jordan, MySoda will still have a 2-year warranty.


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