Best in test (TV2 hjelper deg)

  • Advanced technology - perfect brewing temperature from first to last drop
  • Unique technology - the pump empties the funnel of water with every funnel. Always ensures fresh, clean water when funneling
  • Removable water tank guarantees clean and fresh water
  • 1.25 liter/12 cup capacity


Coffee funnel best in test by TV2 helps you that allows you to brew world-class coffee. Quote from one of the judges in the test: — It is clearly much better than anything else we have tasted today.

BLACK Precision is not just a new coffee maker – it is the coffee maker reimagined, which brews the perfect coffee.

Perfect temperature

There are several success factors needed to brew perfect coffee, and the right temperature is one of them. With Precision, the coffee is brewed with the most optimal water temperatures for the best coffee taste. It maintains a perfect temperature throughout the process. Unlike most other coffee makers, the Precision keeps the temperature between 92 and 96 degrees from the first to the last drop.

Unique technology

Built-in pump completely empties the percolator of water with each extraction, which is unique to this coffee percolator, and you are guaranteed fresh clean water by funneling.

Removable water tank - always clean water

The water container is removable, so it is easy to fill up with fresh water every time directly in the container, while the water will always be clean . The water tank has a measuring indicator that ensures the right amount of water in relation to grams of coffee. With traditional coffee machines, it is both practical and common to use the empty coffee flask to pour water into the machine when new coffee is to be brewed. When this is done, the new coffee will taste old. For every microscopic coffee residue that remains after the previous use (it is the grease from coffee that gets stuck in the flask) the funnel will be slightly flavored with old coffee. After a while, the new coffee will taste like old coffee. That's precisely why Svart Presision has a removable water container that you can fill water directly into. You never pour anything other than the water you just got from the tap.


The tractor is silent.

Drip stop and flow control

Adjustable drip stop gives perfect coffee, no matter how many cups you brew. The filter holders on Wilfa Svart Precision have an adjustable opening on the underside, so-called flow control. Flow control allows you to control the water speed and thus the extraction of the coffee, so that you can brew equally good coffee every time, whether it's one cup or ten.

Unique shower head

A unique shower head spreads the water evenly over the coffee, so that all the flavors are utilized to the full.


All the flavors from your coffee will be fully utilized with the unique spreading head that spreads the water evenly over the coffee. p>

5 year warranty

Wilfa provides a 5-year warranty on this product from the day you buy it. The purchase receipt serves as proof to the dealer, so remember to keep it.


Good coffee is not reserved for the few. Good coffee is the relationship between good raw materials and precise brewing. Therefore remember to weigh freshly ground coffee and always use fresh water.


  • Item number : 602175
  • Color : aluminum
  • Material : aluminum
  • Warranty : 5 years
  • Aroma control : Yes
  • Auto off function : Yes
  • Brew temperature : 92° - 94°
  • Brew time, min : 4 - 6 min
  • Capacity : 1.25L
  • Capacity cups : 10
  • Removable water tank : Yes
  • Power (watts) : 1840
  • Heating element : 2
  • Jug material : Glass
  • Manual drip stop : Yes
  • Keep warm function : Yes
  • Mixing lid : Yes
  • A cup of brewing : Yes
  • Preparation method : Filter
  • Traffic light : Yes
  • Washable : Yes
  • Accessories : Measuring spoon

Wilfa Warranty

Wilfa is now extending the warranty period on all branded products to 5 years from September 1, 2020. This covers manufacturing defects and faults that may occur, with proof of purchase as proof of warranty. The warranty is valid for private use and not for commercial use, abuse or misuse. Important exceptions include damage from overloading, improper maintenance, and use of the wrong voltage. Visit the "Wilfa Warranty" page for more information and full terms.

Products under the brands E-Way, E-free, Stadler, Nivona, Jordan, MySoda will still have a 2-year warranty.


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