The Vanilje ice cream machine has won the best in tests several times. It turns your kitchen into an international ice cream bar!

It works like a dream: put in the ingredients you want, press the button - and wait. Within an hour you have ice cream that would have gone straight home to Italy.

An efficient compressor freezes the ingredients to between minus 18 and 35 degrees, while the fully automatic mixer ensures a delicate and creamy consistency. Easily adjust the mixing time as you go. If you think you were too stingy with nuts, chocolate or berries, you can easily pour more via the hatch at the top. Good ice cream is pure pleasure - and here you get 1.5 liters in one go.

Easy cleaning.

Best in Test

Airy and nice ice cream and easy to use. The test's winner with a dice roll of 6,, 17.10.13.

This was not only easy, it was delicious. There is a big difference between ice cream that has been put straight in the freezer, and the ice cream from Vanilje. The consistency is airier, it is more flexible - and you avoid ice crystals -, 2013

The superior winner of our test - Adressa. no, 04.08.2014

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