Jordan Clean Fresh gives you market-leading dental care in attractive packaging.

Based on Jordan's SoftClean™ technology, where the brush has three different cleaning zones and different stiffness of the bristles for effective and gentle brushing. It has advanced lithium batteries, which provide 4 weeks of use between each charge.

Choose between two different speeds, Normal and Sensitive. It also gives you the option of dropping cable coils in the bathroom – with the detachable USB cable, it can be charged anywhere.

SoftClean™ technology

The SoftClean™ technology uses a unique combination of effective brushes and a smaller head that ensures a very thorough and gentle cleaning. Each head is divided into three cleaning zones, each with its own special functions.

Extreme battery capacity

Jordan Clean Fresh is equipped with a lithium battery that provides a month's use. The battery indicator shows when the toothbrush needs charging and when it is fully charged.

Smart charging

Jordan Clean Fresh comes with a smart and stylish charger with a detachable USB cable, where the cable can be removed easily after charging. You avoid cable clutter in the bathroom, and the toothbrush can be left in front of the bathroom in the same way as a manual toothbrush. The USB cable allows you to charge the toothbrush via laptop, power charger, IPhone charger and other similar devices.


Jordan Clean Fresh is equipped with a 2-minute timer to help you brush for the recommended time.

Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor notifies you when you brush too hard.


Jordan Clean Fresh has two different speeds, Normal and Sensitive. The speed is easily changed by holding the button for 1 second and the toothbrush starts at the speed that was last used.

3 different brush heads

Jordan Clean Fresh can be used with all SoftClean™ brush heads:

  • Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Whitening


The toothbrush is delivered in four vibrant colours.


  • Item number : 604111
  • Color : green
  • Material : plastic
  • Capacity : 120 minutes battery time
  • Wireless : Yes
  • Detachable cord : Yes
  • Settings : 2
  • Traffic light : Yes
  • Speed ​​Settings : 2
  • Washable : Yes
  • Accessories : 1 brush head
  • Type : Oscillating


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