Designed for rooms up to 120 m²

  • SCOP 4.7 (Energy class A++)
  • Works down to -30 °C
  • Included App
  • Swing function


The Lofoten Powerful heat pump is a stylish pump specially developed for a Norwegian climate. It has a heating capacity of 6,500 watts and can heat rooms up to 120 m². Lofoten Powerful has built-in WiFi and App management, in addition to remote control.

The high price of electricity, especially in southern Norway, means that you can now make money from a heat pump in less than a year, where we previously calculated seven. In addition, you get benefits both for the environment and indoor climate with the purchase.


The Lofoten Powerful is a pump with very good capabilities to deliver heat when needed. The pump is intended for rooms up to 120 m².


The pump delivers 4900 watts at -15 degrees Celsius.

7-year warranty

All our heat pumps have a 7-year warranty.

Cooling function and dehumidifier

In addition to the heating function, the pump has a cooling function for hot summer days, dehumidification when humidity becomes a problem and ventilation mode when everything is correct and air circulation is the only need.

Air Purifier

The pump has a carbon and an ion filter that cleans air and removes bad odors and bacteria.

Supplied App/ Wi-Fi

Install the accompanying app to easily control the heat pump from your mobile. It is easy to install and use. Download the app here: iOS and Android.

The heat pump also has built-in Wi-Fi.

I Feel feature

The heat pump has its own I Feel function, which ensures that the heat goes towards the place where you place the remote control. In this way, the heat pump can be easily controlled based on different needs. Even if you move, the I Feel function ensures the desired temperature exactly where you are.

Environmentally friendly

With new generation environmentally friendly gas (R32), heating rod in bottom pan and automatic defrosting, Lofoten Powerful is a good choice for larger homes.

Remote Control

The heat pump comes with a remote control that can adjust the temperature between 8-30 °C. It requires 2 AAA batteries.


  • Swing function
  • Screen

For use for heating:

  • Energy class (average climate conditions): A++
  • Consumption heating kWh/year (average climate conditions): 864
  • SCOP (average climate condition): 4.70
  • Max capacity (kW) at +7 degrees: 6.50

Internal device

  • H x W x D (cm): 29.4 x 84.5 x 21.2

External device:

  • H x W x D (cm) outdoor unit: 59.6 x 89.9 x 37.8


Wilfa Warrenty

Wilfa is now extending the warranty period on all branded products to 5 years from September 1, 2020. This covers manufacturing defects and faults that may occur, with proof of purchase as proof of warranty. The warranty is valid for private use and not for commercial use, abuse or misuse. Important exceptions include damage from overloading, improper maintenance, and use of the wrong voltage. Visit the "Wilfa Warranty" page for more information and full terms.

Products under the brands E-Way, E-free, Stadler, Nivona, Jordan, MySoda will still have a 2-year warranty.


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