Best in test coffee maker

Best in test coffee maker

TEST WINNER The Svart Precision coffee maker won by far the BEST in the TEST of coffee makers at TV2 hjelper deg.

TV2 Helps you tested 8 different coffee makers, 24.01.19, 4 budget-priced coffee makers and 4 premium-priced coffee makers.


The 4 premium-priced coffee makers in the category were all already approved by Norsk Kaffeinformasjon;

  • Wilfa Black Precision
  • Moccamaster
  • Delonghi
  • Ilou


4 were tested in budget-price coffee makers;

  • Electrolux
  • Brown
  • Melitta Easy
  • Biltema

In addition to taste, TV2 Hjelper deg collaborated with Norsk Kaffeinformasjon where they looked at the coffee maker's ability to brew coffee at the right time and temperature.

Norwegian Wilfa by far the best

The coffee maker itself is the alpha omega for a good cup of coffee, according to the results. The feedback from the test was clear: Norwegian Wilfa Svart Presisjon makes the best tasting coffee.

"It's obviously much better than anything else we've tasted today," said one judge in the test. Wilfa is also credited for the fact that Svart Precision funnels coffee to the perfect temperature, between 92 and 96 degrees, and for the right amount of time, between 4-6 minutes.

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