Powerful vacuum cleaner with vibrating mop technology

  • Detailed Structure Line wide-angle sensor to avoid objects
  • App in local language
  • Vibrating wet mop
  • 4000Pa suction power


With the Innobot RVC-D4000SL robot vacuum cleaner, you get a powerful vacuum cleaner with vibrating mop technology that removes all kinds of dust, wet mops the floors, removes stains and cleans thoroughly along edges and in corners. Innobot gives you maximum comfort and a really clean home.

Innobot has been developed for Nordic homes. It is equipped with functions and innovative technology that are tailored to clean your home with a perfect result. Strong suction power ensures efficient vacuuming of floors and carpets and provides an even and good cleaning every time. With its detailed navigation, it avoids random objects on the floor, drives easily over door thresholds and under furniture. It is only 9.7 cm high and thus has no problems getting under most beds and sofas.

Excellent robot vacuum cleaner

Innobot RVC-D4000SL has recently received the designation "excellent" in a test of robot vacuum cleaners conducted by L&B Home. In the test, L&B Home describes the robot vacuum cleaner as efficient and systematic in its vacuuming, and careful in contact with obstacles. They also point out that the app is available in Nordic languages ??and has a generous amount of accessories.

LiDAR technology and precise sensors for more efficient cleaning

Innobot has an advanced 360° LiDAR technology that makes navigation optimal and cleaning efficient. Using lasers, 12 sensors and a detailed wide-angle sensor, Innobot creates an accurate map of the home to identify objects and obstacles in real time such as toys, a sock or the like that have been left on the floor. The technology enables Innobot to measure exact distances to walls, furniture and other objects around it. This allows it to move smoothly through the home and avoid running into objects. It also detects stairs and other ledges in the home, making Innobot an ideal cleaning assistant even for those with multiple floors. By mapping the home in real time, Innobot can effectively plan the best possible route for cleaning and it remembers where it has cleaned along the way. This provides maximum efficiency, saves the battery and results in a completely clean home.

Smart and powerful vacuuming

Innobot cleans thoroughly and in depth. With a suction power of up to 4000Pa*, it picks up all types of dirt, dust, food residues and dog hair, and cleans thoroughly along edges and in corners. For carpets, it has an auto-boost function for extra deep cleaning. The ultrasonic sensor detects when it reaches a carpet and automatically increases the suction power.

Two main brushes are included with the robot vacuum cleaner. The all-round brush cleans well on the vast majority of surfaces thanks to the combination of hair and rubber. This is the best choice for most users and works well on wooden floors to pick up the finest dust. The rubber brush is optimal for deep cleaning carpets, to raise hairs and prevent them from getting stuck in the brush. This is going to be the favorite of all pet owners, whether to remove long dog hair or short cat hair.


Innobot can vacuum up to 220 m² per charge during normal cleaning. If further cleaning is required beyond this, the Innobot automatically drives back to the charging station and charges to 60% before continuing the cleaning where it left off. With this function, cleaning will go faster as the robot does not have to fully charge to complete the scheduled cleaning.

*Pa is an international unit for pressure which, for vacuum cleaners, indicates the suction power. Calculation for the unit is Newton per square meter.

Wet mopping with vibration technology

Innobot is not just a vacuum cleaner, it also cleans your floors. The mop has a full width, which means that it mops the maximum area. Unlike other vibrating mops, where only a small section of the mop surface moves, the entire mop on the Innobot moves and therefore uses the maximum scrubbing surface and absorption capacity. With vibration mopping, the entire mopping surface moves back and forth with an even pressure for thorough and accurate mopping. This function means that the mop removes even the most difficult stains on the floor. Vibrating mopping is the default setting for this model. You can easily adjust the amount of water it should mop with in the app and activate Y-mopping in addition to vibration.

Y mopping

In addition to vibration mopping, Y-mopping can be used. This means that the robot vacuum cleaner moves in a Y pattern, back and forth. It provides even more thorough mopping as the robot runs over the same area several times. This extends the washing time somewhat, but is useful if you have a very dirty floor.

Customize cleaning via the app

The robot connects to the Wi-Fi network, which gives you full control of your mobile phone - wherever you are. Innobot can connect to both 2.4 and 5GHz networks for a simple and secure high-speed connection to the app. The app has a simple user interface and gives you a full overview of your robot, and you can easily customize all the settings. In the app, you can decide whether it should vacuum, mop or both, adjust the suction power and set auto-boost for carpets or whether carpets should be avoided when vacuuming and/or mopping. You can also enter no-go zones based on different needs, the mop's vibration strength, water volumes, virtual walls, room division and name the rooms, and more.

You can start cleaning with a single key press on your phone. In the app, you can create schedules for different floors, create cleaning maps with adjustments for where you want to vacuum, mop or both. You can customize the cleaning for different rooms and areas and schedule different times of the day for cleaning. You can create up to 5 different maps in the app with different settings. In addition, you can follow where the robot is in real time and how it is doing with the cleaning. The app also gives you all information about the robot's status, maintenance and any error messages. Everything is communicated in a simple and user-friendly way. The robot can be controlled by several people in the same household.

Local language in the app

The app has the following language options: SE/EN/NO/DK/FI/DE, and is available for both iOS and Android. The advantage of local language is that it makes it easy for everyone to understand settings, functions and instructions - the app becomes more accessible and customized for everyone.

Deep cleaning of carpets

Innobot has an auto-boost function for carpets. The robot automatically registers when it is on a carpet using its own ultrasonic sensor, and uses more suction power to clean deeper.

You can decide for yourself whether the carpets should be included in the vacuuming or not, and they can easily be excluded from the wet mopping. This is entered into the app you control Innobot with.

Always cleans just as well - whatever the light conditions

Innobot can clean day and night and in both bright and dark rooms. The LiDAR technology and the smart navigation algorithms also provide better performance compared to traditional sensors and they minimize the risk of the robot getting stuck in less accessible places.

Cleaning the robot vacuum cleaner

The robot's filter should be cleaned regularly and we also recommend washing the filter in clean, lukewarm water if necessary. In addition, the brushes and wheels of the robot should be regularly cleaned of hair and dust that can get stuck. We recommend using the supplied cleaning tool. The sensors on the robot should also be wiped if necessary to optimize navigation. The robot's dust container can be washed in water, it must be completely dry before it is placed back in the robot vacuum cleaner.

Compatible with emptying station

Innobot RVC-D4000SL is compatible with Auto-Empty Station, an automatic emptying station for the robot vacuum cleaner.

Accessories and spare parts

We have a wide selection of accessories and spare parts for Innobot robot vacuum cleaners. In the app, you will find an overview of the lifespan of the various accessories and when we recommend replacing them to achieve the best possible cleaning results. You can find the entire selection here.

5 year warranty

Wilfa provides a 5-year warranty on this product from the day you buy it. The purchase receipt serves as proof to the dealer, so remember to keep it. Read more about what the guarantee includes here.

Accessories included in the box:

  • Allround brush for most surfaces
  • Rubber brush for hair and carpets
  • 2 side brushes
  • Water tank for vibrating mop
  • Cloths for vibrating mop x2
  • Water tank for standard wet mop with removable mop plate
  • Cloth for standard mop
  • 2 washable filters
  • Cleaning tools
  • Plastic floor protector


  • Item number : 602783
  • Color : black
  • Material : plastic

Wilfa Warranty

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